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Analyst Highlights Cloud PC Benefits for Hybrid Work

  • Strengthen security and simplify IT

  • Provision Cloud PCs in minutes

  • Provide always-up-to-date PCs

  • Fast deployment and time-to-success

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Cloud PCs are Strategic to the Business

Workspot Cloud PCs on Google Cloud bring new levels of agility and security to the business, while simplifying IT processes and delighting end users with outstanding performance.

Now IT teams can shift their focus away from "keeping the lights on" desktop provisioning and management tasks to strategic projects that further the company's competitive advantage.

Demo: Spin Up 2,000 Cloud PCs in 4 Minutes!

Workspot's SaaS platform makes it easy to launch thousands of Workspot Cloud PCs across multiple Google Cloud regions.

What does the future of work have in store for us?

We can't possibly know what challenge will come our way next. What is paramount is avoiding business disruption. This makes supporting anywhere-productivity a fundamental business process so enterprises can be ready for anything.

Improve Security: Keep apps and data off endpoints.

Optimize Costs: Match flexible pricing models to each use case.

Increase Productivity: End users love Workspot performance!

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