Drill down in key categories to ensure your business requirements can be met.

70+ tough questions to ask virtual desktop and Cloud PC vendors.

  • How can you provide a great user experience?

  • What security measures are fundamental?

  • How can you achieve operational simplicity? 

  • Why is a cloud-native architecture essential?

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For Cloud PCs, Cloud-Native Architecture Matters

Leave behind the high cost and complexity of managing a fleet of PCs and micro-managing legacy VDI. Workspot reinvented virtual desktops with its innovative Cloud PC

architecture, enabling new levels of security, agility, productivity and IT simplicity for your business that other Cloud PC solutions cannot achieve.

Demo: Spin Up 2,000 Cloud PCs in 4 Minutes!

Workspot's SaaS platform makes it easy to launch thousands of Workspot Cloud PCs across multiple Google Cloud regions.

What does the future of work have in store for us?

We can't possibly know what challenge will come our way next. What is paramount is avoiding business disruption. This makes supporting anywhere-productivity a fundamental business process so enterprises can be ready for anything.

Improve Security: Keep apps and data off of endpoints.

Optimize Costs: Match flexible pricing models to each use case.

Increase Productivity: End users love Workspot performance!

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