Webinar! GPU Cloud Workstations on Azure: Low-latency, Turnkey, Flat-fee!

Turnkey Global Solution: Cloud Desktops and Cloud Workstations on Azure.

Join us Thursday, May 28th for a live webinar where cloud experts from Microsoft, Workspot, Barge Design and ASTI share their first-hand experiences delivering GPU-powered Workspot Cloud Workstations on Azure as a full-service solution to quickly increase the productivity of users working from home, or anywhere

It's time to move to the cloud! Make sure you join the webinar, as we encourage a steady stream of real-time questions or shared ideas to benefit all attendees.

What: Live Webinar! “GPU Cloud Workstations: Low-latency, Turnkey, Flat-fixed-fee!”
When: Thursday May 28th, 2020 at 11am PT (2pm ET)
Who: Cloud experts from Microsoft, Workspot, Barge and ASTI:

Webinar: Thursday May 28th, 2020 at 11am PT (2pm ET)


  • Chris Amesbury, Sales Director Azure Platform, Microsoft
  • Brad Peterson, VP, Workspot
  • David Ferguson, Dir of IT, Barge Design (customer case study)
  • Doug Dahlberg, Dir of IT, ASTI (Azure partner)


Customer video: Israel Sumano (Sr Dir Infrastructure Services, Southland) shares his experience moving all of his designers to the cloud:


Customer video: Andy Knauf (CIO Mead & Hunt) shares his experience moving his users to Workspot cloud desktops and workstations on three Azure regions across the US:


Customer video: Brian Nordmann (CIO Dudek) shares his experience where he moved Drone image processing to Workspot cloud workstations on Azure to increased their business productivity by 3X without increasing staff: