Webinar! Double DaaS: Physical PCs with Workspot Cloud PCs in One!

One-stop-shop for "Double DaaS": Laptops with Workspot cloud desktops in one!

Join cloud experts Vanessa Mesler, Azure Specialist at Microsoft, Brad Peterson, VP at Workspot, and Mark Wall, VP of Microsoft Practice at Converge as we share first-hand experiences of delivering a very unique type of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) as we combine the delivery of physical PCs with Workspot cloud desktops on Azure into one full-service solution to quickly increase the productivity of users working remotely

This is a live webinar where our cloud experts share how they're responding to the challenges brought on by this global disruption. Be a part of the discussion on increasing remote worker productivity by delivering physical devices into the hands of remote workers, that connect to cloud desktops running their business applications on Azure. It's Double DaaS! Make sure you join the webinar, as we encourage a steady stream of real-time questions and shared ideas to benefits all attendees.

Webinar: Tuesday May 5th, 2020 at 11am PT (2pm ET)


  • Vanessa Mesler, Azure Specialist, Microsoft
  • Brad Peterson, VP, Workspot
  • Mark Wall, VP of Microsoft Practice, Converge

Check out this customer video where Israel Sumano (Sr Dir Infrastructure Services, Southland) shares his experience moving all of his designers to the cloud:


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Check out this customer video where Brian Nordmann (CIO Dudek) shares his experience where he moved Drone image processing to Workspot cloud workstations on Azure to increased their business productivity by 3X without increasing staff: