Modern DaaS Spans Multiple Clouds

Modern DaaS Delivers Simplicity, Flawless Performance

  • Modern DaaS scales in minutes, globally

  • Deliver ridiculously fast performance anywhere

  • Stay in control with simple-to-manage SaaS

  • Supports enterprise security requirements

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Workspot's Cloud-Native Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is Different

Everything has changed about desktop-as-a-service. Old-school DaaS solutions limit agility and compromise performance. With Workspot has reinvented DaaS with it's cloud-native platform for delivering Cloud PCs. Regain control of end user computing, amplify business agility and gain the flexibility IT teams need now to easily support a hybrid work environment. Plus, Workspot Cloud PCs can be implemented across multiple public clouds - the perfect fit for your multi-cloud strategy.

Customers trust Workspot for simplicity without compromise. Unlike other solutions, Workspot was built from the ground up for massive public cloud scale. Plus, everything is customizable to meet enterprise requirements, so you can use: Your Windows 10 custom images & apps; your custom auth (Okta, Azure AD, etc.); your custom security policies; your custom tools (SCCM, BigFix, etc.); your custom processes; and your ITSM and SIEM systems.

Enterprise, Cloud-Native Desktop Use Cases

Improve Productivity for Remote Employees

Process Complex Data Faster

Collaborate in Real-Time on 3D Models

One-Click PC Disaster Recovery

Secure Access for Contractors

Accelerate M&A Onboarding

Workspot Delivers Beyond the Promise of Traditional VDI and DaaS

It’s time to forget everything you know about VDI and DaaS. Workspot is a turnkey, SaaS Cloud PC platform that deploys in days and scales globally – across multiple public cloud regions – in minutes. Simply choose the CPU, GPU, memory, and storage configuration that is best for each user. Onboard tens, hundreds or thousands of users in minutes, then manage everything from a single admin console. Watch the video to hear why this $1B MEP company made the switch from legacy VDI.

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