Cloud-Native VDI is the New DaaS

  • Supports hybrid & multi-cloud

  • Pilot in one day; production in 45

  • Accelerate productivity

  • Reduce downtime by 80%


Experience Modern VDI

Fast Time-to-Value

and scalable in minutes

Flawless Performance

even power users love

Ultimate VDI Reliability

with automatic fail-over

Alerts and Trends

support VDI health

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Workspot VDI is Different

Everything has changed about desktop-as-a-service. Old-school DaaS solutions limit agility and compromise performance. Workspot has reinvented end-user computing with its cloud-native Enterprise VDI Platform. Regain control, amplify business agility and easily support a hybrid work environment. Plus, Workspot virtual desktops and apps can be implemented across on-prem and multiple public clouds - the perfect fit for the greatest flexibility.


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The Switch to Cloud-native VDI

11B MEP firm Southland Industries went all-in on Workspot and won the CIO 100 award for their implementation.

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